Tech Articles and Directions


The Cross Over Steering Kit can be mounted in either a Tie Rod Under-Knuckle or in a Tie Rod Over-Knuckle configuration. With an Over The Knuckle installation, the tie rod will be mounted on top of the knuckle, rather than the OEM location underneath. This option provides an Additional 2 inches of tie rod to ground clearence that from obstacles that might otherwise cause damage to sensative steering components.

This feature also decreases pitman arm and drag link angles. Once the Tie Rod Over Knuckle kit is installed it cannot be easily reverted back to under the knuckle.

  The nearly 2 inch gain in clearance reduces the risk of the tie rod getting hung up on rocks or other obstacles. The Tie Rod Over the knuckle option can only be used on applications where there is ample room for the tie rod and drag link in relationship to the steering box and pitman arm, as well as other interference at maximum suspension compression. The Over The Knuckle option may require some lower shock mount and/or track bar bracket modification.


What Our Kit Includes:

1-      Tie Rod ( 1.25x.281)

1-      Drag Link bar (1.25x.281)

1-      Tie rod end with boot (ES2027L)

1-      Tie rod end with boot (ES2233L)

2-      Tie rod end with boot (ES2234R)

       2-    Right-hand jam nuts

       2-    Left- hand jam nuts

       4-    Cotter pin and grease zerk kits


1-      Raise vehicle and place on jack stands.

2-      Measure distance between center of tie rod ends, record for later use

3-      Measure distance between the center of the Passenger side tie rod end (at the knuckle) and tie rod end at the pitman arm and record for later use.

4-      Remove Tie rod and draglink assembly

5-      Remove Pitman arm



1-      Decide on your configuration, whether it be under the knuckle or over the knuckle.

2-      If installing under knuckle , skip to step 3 , if changing to over the knuckle , modify track bar bracket accordingly for clearance.

3-      Check tie rod clearance on tire and wheel.

4-      Using a tapered reamer with a ½ to 1” taper, ream the existing holes in the Pitman arm, both knuckles and new tie rod end (ES2233L) We recommend Snap on reamer #R121 , But any reamer will work. USE A GOOD CUTTING LUBRICANT AND A SLOW DRILL SPEED FOR BEST RESULTS.

5-      Clean all metal shavings from newly reamed components thoroughly.

6-      Re-install pitman arm onto steering box.