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Sexton Offroad – Sales – Service – Racing

Off road racing combines the excitement of auto racing, the thrill of navigating difficult courses through natural and complicated terrain along with the challenge of building and customizing the unique vehicles that compete in these races. Many off road races that take place in the deserts of North America can also be found in other environments and on other continents including Europe and Australia. Off road racing is quickly gaining in popularity among certain populations of people. For this reason there is need for a business specially designed to service the specific needs of this unique and growing community. That is the reason why Sexton Offroad came into being. It is the mission of Sexton Offroad to strive to be your full service, one stop shop for anything and everything related to the sport of off road racing. This goes for both the person who is new to the sport as well as those who are more seasoned off road racers and everyone else in between. Whether you are looking for on road parts and service, off road parts and service, custom part fabrication, differential and gear service or restoration and refinish jobs, the friendly, professional and highly skilled staff at Sexton Offroad have everything that you are looking for and stand ready to answer any questions you may have. We can even help you with all those Do It Yourself projects that you have been working on in your spare time or are perhaps planning to take on. On top of all this, we take pride in the fact that we are active participants in the local off road racing community. This gives us valuable insight into the special needs of the off road racer. Because of all this we can readily point you in the right direction whether you are new to the sport and want to get involved or someone who has been around the off road track a lap or two. Sexton Offroad offers many services to the off road racing enthusiast and the off road racing community. The following is an explanation in greater detail of all the parts and services that Sexton Offroad has to offer you.

Early Bronco Parts Sales and More

You have likely heard it many times in the off road racing community. “It all starts with parts,” as the saying goes. Without the right parts your off road racing vehicle might not make it past the starting line let alone make it to the finish line. For this reason, many off road racing enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for unique auto parts in order to build or maintain their unique vehicles. This is one of the most common reasons people first make their way into Sexton Offroad. They come because they know already or quickly find out upon their arrival that we are hands down the best source for truck, SUV, UTV’s and all other off road parts. We also carry parts for Broncos (including the hard to find early Bronco), Pickups, Jeeps (including the very popular custom Jeeps) and Toyotas. We also carry a wide range of parts from Dana Spicer, Motive Gear, Yukon Gear, ARB, Bubba Rope, Old Man Emu, as well as parts from Richmond Gear. Sexton Offroad will also provide custom installation and the highest degree of professional service for all the parts we sell. What is more, if we do not carry the part that you are looking for we will do everything we can to track it down and get it for you. In addition to the aforementioned parts we also carry many obscure or specialty parts including early Bronco parts if that is what your are looking for. For all these reasons and many more Sexton Offroad should always be your first stop when you are looking for any part you need for your unique off road racing vehicle.

Custom Part Fabrication for Jeeps, 4x4s and More

Next, let’s talk about the necessary and specialized service of Custom Part Fabrication. Sometimes a specific part is difficult to locate or a specific repair job requires a uniquely fabricated part. Again, if your off road racing vehicle requires a specially fabricated part and you cannot make it yourself or find it in a store, your vehicle is not going to make it very far. Accordingly, if that situation should arise in your experience you can always come on down to Sexton Offroad because we specialize in the fine art of custom parts fabrication. You name it or describe it and we can probably make it for you. For example, we can create various link arms, bumpers or even a roll cage if that is what you are looking to find. We can also bend and weld up an entire chassis should your unique off road racing vehicle require this. In addition we can also customize that one-off bracket for whatever you happen to need. How many other auto shops can do that?

Do It Yourself Projects

Part of the fun of being an off road racing enthusiast is in the technical challenge of building and maintaining your own unique vehicle. If you are like many other off road racing enthusiasts you probably enjoy a good old fashioned "Do It Yourself" project. This is because a Do It Yourself project gives you a challenging experience that requires hard work and creativity. There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of completing a Do It Yourself project successfully. Many off road racing enthusiasts take pride in the fact that their vehicles are the results of their own personal hard work and effort. If this even remotely sounds like you then you will be very happy to know that Sexton Offroad can help you in that department as well. To this end we can supply all the parts and services you might need to complete that Do It Yourself project you have been working on. Specifically, we stock all kinds of tabs, gussets, bushings, tubing and various tools to create your own custom rig for this very purpose. There really is no better place than Sexton Offroad to help you with that Do It Yourself auto project you have been working on or even one that you intend to work on in the future down the road. Imagine the pride you will feel driving an off road racing vehicle that you built (or even helped to build). Imagine the pride you will feel when that same vehicle you worked on emerges victorious in an actual off road race!

Differential and Gear Service

By now you are probably asking yourself that all important question, “What about differential and gear service?” Well, you can rest easy because apart from all our other custom work, we do in fact offer differential and gear service as well. Of course it goes without saying that these services include axle splining and custom differential service to custom cut axle tubes and third members. Sexton Offroad can even customize your axles for any and all of your many specific needs. If you are an off road racer looking for gears, lockers, spools or just the standard run of the mill limited slip differential, we will always have the parts and experience to build you the best axle assembly that can ever possibly be built. Part of the reason this is the case is because we use high quality ring and pinion sets from Dana Spicer, Motive Gear, and Yukon Gear. Moreover, we keep a vast stock and a deep inventory of ARB, Yukon Gear, Powertrax, and Richmond products. If you are looking for an axle shaft, ring and pinion, locker, bearing kit, seal set, limited slip, spool or u-joint, we have it all and if we do not have it in stock we will get it for you with no questions asked (except those questions necessary to make sure you get the exact part or service you happen to be looking for). These are just a few reasons why there is no better place to go than Sexton Offroad for your differential and gear service needs. Hopefully that provides a satisfactory answer to the question you had in your mind when you started reading this paragraph. Restoration and Refinish Are you like many off road racing enthusiasts who has an old jalopy or perhaps a veteran off road vehicle that has simply seen too many miles in its lifetime sitting in your back yard or garage? Perhaps you have dreams of restoring this old beauty to its former glory? Well if this sounds like you, Sexton Offroad has the knowledge and expertise to restore and refinish that old veteran vehicle back to the way it once was. Our expert staff will have your car looking like it just rolled off the assembly line. Well maybe that is a bit of an over statement but you would be amazed at the work we can do to bring your car back into the shape it once had in its prime. For example, if your car requires a custom powder coating to any of its many unique parts our staff in the paint shop will repaint them even if this requires the straightening of its body panels. The staff in the Sexton Offroad paint shop can also customize any kind or size of truck bed and interior with a bed liner and or a sound deadener if that is what the situation requires. In fact, we can even start from the ground up (so to speak) and build you the one-off turn key vehicle of your dreams or we can take that lifelong dream vehicle and restore it back to its original stock beauty. It is our philosophy that any car can be restored given the right parts, paint and the right expertise. Because Sexton Offroad has all those things in spades we have every confidence in the world that we can restore and refinish your car to look just like new. Imagine what it will feel like to drive the newly restored version of that car that has been sitting up on blocks in your back yard for the past couple of years. Imagine the sense of history and character that newly restored vehicle will possess. Imagine how satisfying it will be to beat newer and shinier vehicles when you compete in an off road race!

Off Road Racing

Considering all that you have read so far along with the fact that the name of our business is Sexton Offroad it should come as no surprise that off road racing is one of our passions. It is for this reason that Sexton Offroad was created in the first place. Because of this passion for off road racing we are naturally very active participants in the off road racing community. This means we are involved in nearly all the off road racing activities that are available in and around our area. Specifically, Sexton Offroad participates in the very exciting world of Ultra4 racing including the extremely challenging King of the Hammers. Although we have not yet achieved the number one spot in these events, we are achieving great standing in the rankings and have every reason to believe that we will achieve that coveted top spot in the near future. The Sexton Offroad team is sponsored by Yukon Gear & Axle, Raceline Wheels, BF Goodrich Tires, Bubba Rope, Speedhut Guages, FOA Shock Absorbers, and the Utah Bronco Club. With sponsors like these how can we not achieve that top spot? The answer to that question is that we cannot not achieve it. The aforementioned double negative statement of course means that we will achieve it. Off road racing is one of the most exciting sports a person can engage in. It demands, strength, agility and creativity. We invite all who share our passion or are interested to learn more about the exhilaration of off road racing to visit Sexton Offroad and to support us while enjoying the excitement that each of the races creates.