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3rd Member Installation Kits - Gear oil and Gasket kits
Some differentials have a removable differential called a 3rd member or pumpkin chunk. This is typical of Ford 9" and most Toyota housings. Gm 14 bolts have partially removable thirds. The third is removed from the housing and set up on a bench making it easier to move around and work on. The Ford 9" is one of the best because of this. Like the GM14T, it also has a pinion support bearing that prevents it from moving away from the ring gear making it a lot stronger for less weight. The Ford 9 inch has a huge following from every form of racing to Hot Rods, Rat Rods and Off road as well. They came stock in all Ford Broncos until 1982. Toyota housings run a similar design but with mostly smaller vehicles, lighter weight and a lot less horsepower ran a smaller ring and pinion size with 7-8" ring gear diameter being most common.
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